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'VICTORIA' in Inbal Theater this weekend

I am happy to share that Roni Sagi's beautiful Dance-Theater creation is returning to Inbal Theater this weekend, in Tel-Aviv. I had the privilege of composing music and curating the score. The heart of this piece are the three captivating crinoline skirts that Roni made out of colorful fabric and sponge. It's truly amazing how many different images and transformative actions these objects allow.

The soundtrack to "Victoria" shifts between times, styles, images and states of consciousness. Various characters are portrayed through the string instruments, such as those who are orderly, controlled and repressed, as though in heavenly

dimension where absolute symmetry exists.And on the hand, raw, wild and abstract, connecting to existence beneath disguises.

Don't miss out!

Thursday 18.5.23 at 20:30

Friday 19.5.23 at 14:00

at Inbal Theater, Tel-Aviv

Choreography and Costume Design: Roni Sagi

Dancers: Ben-Oved Berkovich, Nadi Yoel, Roni Sagi

Music Design and Original Music: Netta Spiegel

Dramaturgy and Rehearsal Director: Shirly Barbie

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