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Lamentation for the Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station

An audio-visual lament for the Tel Aviv central bus station.

The station was built in the 1960s on the ruins of the Sheik-Alli orchards, to fulfill a  dream of building an urban Utopia.

Despite this dream, a grandiose “tower of Babel” was built in dissonance to the neighborhood’s contours, becoming a hub of noise and pollution, transforming the area for the worse and leaving investors bankrupt. 

All attempts at reviving the site ultimately failed, leaving the biggest bus station in the world almost completely deserted, facing closure. 

The Great Gehenna Choir, in a series of vocal actions, join the 50 hertz sound frequency in the building, vocally relating to the brutalist architecture. Sound waves merge with the architecture and resonate through the building.

This is an attempt of a vocal psycho-magical ׳Anointing of the Sick׳, which relates to the concrete monster as an entity through which unfolds a larger story about Tel Aviv and Israel.


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CREDITS Director: Netta Spiegel, Yotam Nissim Sas Artistic direction: Netta Spiegel, Avner Miriam Amit Performed by: The Great Gehenna Choir Cinematography- Yair Meyuhas Editor: Yotam Nissim Sas Sound design: Nati Zeidenstadt, Gidon Levy Recording: Gidon Levy, Yotam Dor Produced by: The Great Gehenna Choir, Mamuta Research Center

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