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The Great
Gehenna Choir

The Great Gehenna Choir is a collaborative collective of musicians,

which combines old & new performative rituals in their original music.

Initiated in 2015 by musician Noam Enbar, The Great Gehenna Choir's

repertoire explores both highly elaborated compositions and intuitive easy-to-learn polyphonic music, merging different and sometimes contrasting performative sensitivities. The choir’s performative events are loosely constructed as open gatherings with songs on the boundary between the religious, the ritual and

the surrealistic. The Great Gehenna Choir is a joint project with the “Mamuta” 

Art and Research Center.


By its very structure, this unique group of people embodies an inclusive

gesture towards the audience. Rather than casting them as onlookers, the new, occasionally absurd rituals performed by the choir, invite audiences to take part

in original, non-institutional, often radical articulations of spirituality and its intersections with social and political issues.


In previousThe Great Gehenna Choir had performed at a wide range of venues and festivals such as Jerusalem Season of Culture, Tel-Aviv Museum, Sheikh Abrek Festival and Jerusalem Design Week.

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