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A Viking Street

Moondog possible.jpg

Among streets, tunnels and parking lots, an ensemble of musicians leads the audience in a nocturnal musical journey. Performing the unique music of Moondog, an urban musical vagabond, the musicians explore the city through sound and resonance in order to unveil the beauty that lies in what is ordinary, dark, or seemingly unpleasant.


The ensemble of violin, cello, singers and percussion, creates a sound palette that draws on both ‘classical’ and ‘folk’-inspired music, reminiscent of troubadours or a street band. This combination allows to take the classical sound out of its “serious“, elitist context and gives it a higher unmediated, storytelling quality, aiming to soften the borders between the everyday and the artistic, the ordinary and the extraordinary.


The piece was created as part of the Residency Program  of Ha’chanut Theatre Gallery, with the support of the Pais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Tel Aviv Municipality Department of Culture and Arts, and the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

Aside from street performances, this project was performed at the TLV Museum

of Art and at the ‘Exit strategy' festival of Tel-Aviv municipality.

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